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Temple of Deir el-Medina

Theurgic Counseling
Elektra Kyanoxaita

What is Theurgy?

About the Ancient Greek system of mysticism through divine ritual 

Theurgy is a beautiful Ancient Greek word meaning 'divine action,' 'divine work,' 'sacred work.' 

It is a system of white 'magic' or 'working' used by Neoplatonist philosophers to enter into communion with the serene gods and divine principles of the cosmos, by using and honoring sacred objects, stones, herbs, colors, prayers, and natural elements. It differs slightly from other systems of magic in that theurgists do not seek to manipulate or change reality, but rather the entire focus of the theurgist is to enter into a divine state of communion with the gods who hold wide heaven. Theurgy is a comprehensive system which also integrates significant katharsis (purification) of the spirit, body, and mind of the practitioner. The practitioner who spends much time, effort, and dedication learning about purification can advance to heightened states of theurgic being, and the gods can reveal themselves to the one who seeks to know them. Theurgy is a practice of seeking to know the gods, and seeking to be known by the gods in turn. It is the most sublime state of being that a human can achieve. The theurgist embraces the divinity, sanctity, and inherent goodness of the material world and the natural spirits emanated forth by the gods, recognizes themselves as part of the World Soul, and communes with the gods by communing through the cosmos on a microcosmic level (through divine ritual and action.) The theurgist recreates a microcosmic model of the universe in their sacred quarters whilst officiating sacrifices and rituals, becoming a co-creator with the Demiurge and gods who have emanated forth the natural world. The theurgist recognizes themselves as a natural spirit, and regards everything in their midst with sacred honor, respect, and regard, everywhere they go.

A Bit About Me

I am a young female intuitive and healer who works with theurgy, a complex system of the Ancient Greek and Neoplatonist practices. Theurgy, at its most elemental level, consists of katharsis (purification), divine ritual, white 'magic' (for lack of a more precise word), dream interpretation, and participation in sacred community to interface with the gods and spirits in order to heal oneself and others. However, theurgy is, as you may have already guessed, very much a 'way of life,' and therefore resists any rigid sort of definition or orthodoxy.


An eternal teacher and eternal student, I have spent many years devising this complex system, even as a syncretic Christian in the past. Though I have identified with and adored the Neoplatonist Philosophies since my readings and studies of them began in my Christian era, at some point I stepped away from the extremely rigid and limiting dogma of Christian ideology and explicitly admitted to myself that I am most aligned with pagan practice. The truth is that I have been a pagan all along and always throughout my life, but certain cultural and societal influences obligated me to be extremely secretive, covert, and shameful in my pagan and animistic regard for the world, with the result that I used to regard my pagan proclivities as a 'temptation'.

But this is no longer!

I have found that my theurgic practice has blossomed exponentially since unapologetically aligning my psyche and nous with the pagan gods, aligning myself with my essences and my patron deities who guide me in my everyday life, and regarding the pagan Neoplatonist philosophers with their due honor. 

Thus, I have lived many lives and seen many worlds.

My story and journey is an endlessly complex one, and therefore I shall reserve more of its divulgence to the students who work under me, if they are interested to know.

Please continue to scroll down to read more about what theurgic training/apprenticeship and counseling consist of! 

Please note that all sessions are booked in Eastern Standard (Daylight) Time. Therefore if you are living in time zone different from EST, please add or subtract the number of hours between our time zones BEFORE booking the time. Thanks! <3

Levels of Theurgy Instruction

Please see the different levels of theurgy instruction below.

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Basic Theurgy Instruction

Basic theurgy instruction includes one hour sessions of rudimentary katharsis (purification and effective shadow work) and theurgy (divine ritual) instruction! 
Together, we will discern which gods you should work with, which areas of healing you may target with katharsis, theurgy, and dream interpretation. 
I’ll spend some time getting to know you at your comfort level, which elements and gods you’re connected to, after which I will help guide you in your cleansing, sense meditation, prayer, sacrifice (using herbs), dream interpretation, and ritual. 

Though I am intuitive, I do not do divination and will not try to predict your future. The gods bless us when we live fully in the moment, and living your everyday life in a theurgic manner will do more to ensure a prosperous future for you than any kind of divination. 
I want to help redirect your divine attention and develop the skills that are already within you so that you can heal and begin to realize your divine potential. 

I work with the Orphic hymns, Homer, Plato, and Iamblichus (On the Mysteries of the Egyptians) and a combination of my own practices, techniques, and philosophical justifications. 
(I will not try to convert you to any belief or even persuade you to do anything. I simply offer my humble talents and library of knowledge, and apply it methodically to your life and your personal matters. Everything is done with utmost gentleness and grace.)

If you are a young woman or girl, my first two services to you in Basic Theurgy Instruction are free. I am a healer and this is my divine purpose. I will never ask any payment from any young female who seeks this level of instruction. Please reach out to me via email to arrange for these sessions. If you would like to make a donation, you may feel free to do so over Venmo: @KYANOXAITA

Besides this level, there is also a more advanced course of theurgy instruction available, in which we will go into much greater depth regarding your personal life, your past, your intimacy with the gods, extensive literary instruction, and psychospiritual katharsis. 

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Advanced Theurgy Instruction

Advanced theurgy instruction is for students and clients who are interested in enlisting a personal high priestess to oversee intimate psychospiritual healing. We will go into profound depth with katharsis (purification, release), shadow work, interpretation of all dreams, sense meditation, extended prayer instruction, extended sacrifice instruction, relationship consulting, and discussion of your personal life in theurgic terms. There is also an additional component of extended literary instruction. 

We will go deep into your past, your life, your abilities, your goals, your tendencies, your conscious and subconscious patterns, and enact katharsis (purification) of years of any unresolved tensions and traumas within yourself. It is all done with the utmost delicacy, gentleness, and attention to grace. With this option I am also available to you to message outside of sessions and help coach you through anything you may be experiencing.

This advanced instruction also includes everything which has already been outlined in basic theurgy instruction. 

This service is $25 per hour.

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Theurgy Group Instruction Class

Learn together in a class with other apprentices and students! We will learn lessons together, share experiences, ask each other questions, and help one another in our forming of a sacred community. Scheduling in advance is somewhat necessary for this! 

Our Services

"We must embrace, therefore, not those who honor these [sacred objects], but those who reverence divinity through them, as through clear mirrors, and which are produced by nature, in a becoming manner, conceiving them to be the instruments or the art of the God by whom all things are perpetually adorned."


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