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Basic Theurgy Instruction

  • 1 hour
  • 20 US dollars
  • Remote (Zoom)

Service Description

Basic theurgy instruction includes one hour sessions of rudimentary katharsis (purification and effective shadow work) and theurgy (divine ritual) instruction! Together, we will discern which gods you should work with, which areas of healing you may target with katharsis, theurgy, and dream interpretation. I’ll spend some time getting to know you at your comfort level, which elements and gods you’re connected to, after which I will help guide you in your cleansing, sense meditation, prayer, sacrifice (using herbs), dream interpretation, and ritual. Though I am intuitive, I do not do divination and will not try to predict your future. The gods bless us when we live fully in the moment, and living your everyday life in a theurgic manner will do more to ensure a prosperous future for you than any kind of divination. I want to help redirect your divine attention and develop the skills that are already within you so that you can heal and begin to realize your divine potential. I work with the Orphic hymns, Homer, Plato, and Iamblichus (On the Mysteries of the Egyptians) and a combination of my own practices, techniques, and philosophical justifications. (I will not try to convert you to any belief or even persuade you to do anything. I simply offer my humble talents and library of knowledge, and apply it methodically to your life and your personal matters. Everything is done with utmost gentleness and grace.) If you are a young woman or girl, my first two services to you in Basic Theurgy Instruction are free. I am a healer and this is my divine purpose. I will never ask any payment from any young female who seeks this level of instruction. Please reach out to me via email to arrange for these sessions. If you would like to make a donation, you may feel free to do so over Venmo: @KYANOXAITA Besides this level, there is also a more advanced course of theurgy instruction available, in which we will go into much greater depth regarding your personal life, your past, your intimacy with the gods, extensive literary instruction, and psychospiritual katharsis.

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